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Information is Power

For organizations that want to feel confident that their strategic decisions are rooted in fact. Jones Mandel provides trusted research & strategic counsel to allow you to stay one step ahead when it matters most.

Who We Are

With decades of combined experience, the Jones Mandel team is driven by our passion, curiosity, and competition.

And we have a winning record to prove it. We’ve successfully helped elect dozens of leaders, from U.S. Presidents, Governors, Senators, U.S. House members, and other elected officials. We’ve also helped private sector clients of all sizes achieve their goals, from winning fights on Capitol Hill to successfully assessing and mitigating business risks.

Benjamin Jones
CEO & Partner

Benjamin Jones

Benjamin fell in love with the energy, excitement and passion of campaign politics during the successful re-election of his home state Governor, Zell Miller. Since then, he has steadily worked in several capacities and built three consulting firms over 27 years. His wide-ranging professional experience includes: political campaign consulting, crisis communications research, issue management, competitive intelligence for corporations, non-profits and issue groups. Today, Ben is driven by running a successful company, building great teams, solving problems for clients and introducing research to a new generation. Ben has a masters degree from George Washington University and lives in Seattle with his wife, 3 kids and dog Mudd. When not working, you will find Ben with his family at an event for one of his middle school kids, walking the dog, at the gym, playing golf, reading or attempting some new outdoor activity with patient friends and family.
Ian Mandel
COO & Partner

Ian Mandel

Ian is one of the Democratic Party’s most sought-after research strategists. He has helped dozens of clients win election as governor, to the U.S. Senate, to the U.S. House of Representatives and as president of the United States. Ian is the long-time research consultant for the Democratic National Committee, overseeing the Democratic Party’s public record research. In the private sector, Ian has used the research and communications tactics and strategies honed over years in politics to help businesses, law firms and organizations achieve their goals. His private sector clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to privately-held health care and renewable energy businesses. For both his political and non-political clients, Ian offers a strategic research approach that solves problems, while positioning clients to succeed and prepare for all contingencies. A native of New York, Ian attended Hamilton College and lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and three children.
Evan Cook
Vice President

Evan Cook

Evan joined Jones Mandel during the 2018 election cycle. An experienced researcher, Evan has led self and opposition research projects for clients and campaigns doing political work in over a dozen states. Prior to entering political research, Evan graduated with a Master's Degree in Public Policy from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor's Degree in History from Gannon University. Evan is a native Ohioan, and currently lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. with his foxhound, Chloe.
Henry Kapp

Henry Kapp

Henry joined the Jones Mandel team during the 2020 election cycle after graduating from Hamilton College with a government degree. Prior to entering political research, he held internships at a government affairs firm and the Jay Gonzalez gubernatorial campaign in his home state of Massachusetts. While he remains an avid Red Sox fan, Henry has since moved to Washington, D.C., where he enjoys running and meeting neighborhood dogs.
Elizabeth Naddler
Vice President

Elizabeth Nadler

Elizabeth graduated from Duke University with degrees in Engish, German and theater studies, finding politics when she started as an organizing fellow with the Hillary Clinton campaign. She went on to intern with Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, the TEAM, and Rock the Vote prior to starting at Jones Mandel during the 2018 election cycle. Since then, Elizabeth has led self and opposition projects for clients on the state and national level. She is a proud Jersey knucklehead, and currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Evie and her kitten Schmutzy.

What We Do

We offer tailored research as well as custom consulting services, to provide you with the information you need at your most critical moments.

Know Your Story

Understand the strengths, weaknesses, & blind spots of any person or organization through background & reputational research.

  • Candidate Self Research
  • Executive Searches
  • Professional Vetting
  • Organizational Perception & Reputation

Know Your Competition

Understand your competition’s position relative to you & anticipate their next move.

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Opposition Research
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Know Your Landscape

Understand how to navigate complex & multi-layered organizations, situations or moments in time.

  • Power Mapping
  • Building Awareness
  • Maximizing Advocacy Moments
  • Navigating Pivotal Situations

Consulting and Advisory Services

Integrate Jones Mandel into your ongoing work to maximize the impact of our research.

  • Debate Prep
  • Strategy Calls
  • Crafting Messages & More
  • Pushback Planning
  • Research Backup
  • Crisis Communications
  • Rapid Response

How It Works

Regardless of your type of organization or project, our tailored approach is rooted in 5 key steps.

We dive deep to understand our client’s unique goals & challenges. And then design projects that help them succeed.


Project Intake


Research Begins


In-depth Analysis


Research Presented


Consulting Services

Who Trusts Us

We care deeply about our clients and are driven to help them succeed. And our record speaks for itself. We’ve helped over 640 clients. Helping elect 2 Presidents, 17 Governors, 18 Senators, dozens of U.S. Representatives, and helped private sector clients of all sizes achieve their goals.