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What We Do

Jones Mandel offers a suite of research offerings focused on providing you with in-depth knowledge, background & analysis of three key areas for your campaign or initiative: your own story, the competition you’re up against, and the landscape you’re operating in.

We’ve worked with over 640 clients of all backgrounds, both in the political & private sectors, to help them accomplish their goals:

Political Clients

Candidates & Campaigns
Advocacy Groups

New website coming soon detailing our private sector work.

Know Your Story

Understand you or your campaign or initiative’s strengths, weaknesses, & blind spots through:

Political Candidate Research

Self research books on your candidate to fully prepare to tell your story and plan strategically

Campaign Perception & Reputation

Understand your strengths & weaknesses in order to identify areas that can be used against you

Vulnerability Assessment

Understand where you or your organization is vulnerable before launching a new public initiative or campaign so you can own the narrative

Know Your Opponent

Understand your opponent’s position relative to you & anticipate their next move.

Opposition Research

In-depth research on your political opponent to help draw a contrast between your campaign and theirs

Message Development

See our research shape into thematic messages you can use against your opposition

Know Your People

Understand how to navigate complex & multi-layered organizations, situations, or moments in time.

Campaign Vetting

We can help you make sure the people affiliated with your campaign – from donors and hosts to staff and endorsers – are a fit for your values.

Official Vetting

As you build out your staff and transition to office, we can help you make informed decisions about key staff and appointees as we did for other transitions, including President Biden and Governor Wes Moore.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Our consulting services allow you to maximize impact by leveraging our expansive knowledge of you and your adversaries.

Debate Prep


Crafting Messages & More

Rebuttal Research

Research Fact Checking

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